Indie 103.1FM is officially on my shitlist. I've had enough of retarded Toyota of Huntington Beach ads and Suicide Girls talking about making out with their girlfriends. And most disturbingly, I discovered that morning host Joe Escalante/Dr. LegalDouche is, apparently, an amateur toreador. Ole!

Joe 'I Harm Bulls For Fun' Escalante

So I have tuned my radio dial south, to KXLU 88.9FM, the college radio station which likes to play songs I haven't already heard 4 trillion times.  This morning I listened to a show called The Voice of Reason where thanks to some wierd mic effects, the DJ sounded like an alien. It was a nice touch, but what really impressed me was the alien's inspired choice of music, from Be Your Own Pet to the Sesame Street 'Milk' song by Robert Dennis, some 8-bit music and other weird shit I had never heard before. They are also big into their Lavender Diamond, although the DJs seem to have trouble pronouncing the name of the album – it is CAVALRY of Light, not CALVERY of light.

My other new favorite radio station is V100 – not only do they play Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie, their DJs also look like this:

(V100 is staffed entirely by androids – these are bio pictures taken directly from their website.)

The other reason I listen to V100 is because they are giving away a 2007 Range Rover sport vehicle which comes complete with $20,000 in $100 bills stuffed inthe passenger seat, a 550 watt/14 speaker stereo system, a 50″ plasma screen TV and $15,000 worth of diamonds and pearls.

My Acura Integra was stolen two weeks ago, so if scoring a new jewel-encrusted, dollar-stuffed pimp ride requires me to listen to Mariah Carey's Fly Like a Bird eight times a day, so be it. (Although I must say, I am bummed not to be able to enter V100's 'Black Faces in High Places' contest, sponsored by Smart and Final.)


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