Stevie Wonder

Talking Book (Tamla)

One of my favorite artists is Stevie Wonder. I love how he has used his platform to fight against injustice and how he describes the world’s problems with crystal clarity.  I’m a particularly huge fan of his classical period (’71-’76) when he started to come into his own musically. My favorite album from that period is Talking Book because of the range of emotions that it puts you through from start to finish. Stevie makes me feel welcome in his world. He takes me on a ride with each song and the message is again very clear: Love is in everything. From the notes you play to the musicians you hire, everything has an intention behind it. His intention within Talking Book shows us that even through heartbreak, the heart still beats on.

Wyatt Waddell’s incredible new protest anthem “FIGHT!” is out now, raising funds for charities including Black Lives Matter Chicago. Find it on Bandcamp



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