Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon (Harvest)

Dark Side Of The Moon always seems to be there at key moments in my life to add clarity to the journey. It has shown me time and time again music’s irreplaceable role in deepening the beauty of life. As a kid I had heard most of the album in fragments, song by song. However the first time I heard it as a whole I knew things had changed for me.

Now and forever I will only listen to the album as an entire work, never just one song. The scope of it is unfathomable. I don’t know how to speak of what the music is doing, it’s too big. I can however share what it does to me when I hear it. Every time I listen the album reaches out from the vast greatness contained within it and touches my life as an individual. It inspires me and expands what I feel is possible. I find comfort in knowing that the album is always waiting there to give another lesson. It stands ready to help my heart remember something unexplainably sacred and mysterious about the power of great art to cut through all the noise. When I play it on a long drive the world and the album swim together, they dance with each other. All people, all objects, all nature, all the lines passing on the road move together in unison as it plays. It lays down a bookmark in my life upon every listen.

It reminds me to keep my chin up and believe in dreams. To know that people are capable of amazing works, are good by nature, and filled with inspiration for each other. Whenever I hear the rolling sound of “Breathe (In the Air)” I know I am about to go somewhere beautiful. The alarm bells in “Time” never fail to jolt me back to life. The soaring cry of the voice in “The Great Gig in the Sky” wheeling away expressing love and pain. Finally when the last notes of “Brain Damage” seamlessly move into the upward traveling sounds of “Eclipse”, which brings this masterpiece to a close, I am always left in tears. As just one fan amongst millions I say thank you Pink Floyd for all of it. 

The Record Company releases Early Songs and Rarities on April 3.


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