My Bloody Valentine
Loveless (Creation/Sire)
I first heard the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless in the winter of 1992. My best friend and I had taken acid on my 14th birthday one year prior. Loveless for me was the sonic equivalent of that moment.
I vividly remember lying in my room, with all the lights out, listening to this massive wall of beautiful noise. It was like a colorful painting or cinematic event. Kevin Shields’ swirling sea of droning guitars. It felt like the walls of my room were all warped and melting around me. Like for the first time in my life I was not only hearing the music but I was feeling it, I was a part of it.
Loveless is the only record for me that still feels as powerful, as current or as impactful today as the moment I first heard it. And those are just a few reasons why it is my all time favorite record.
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