João Gilberto

João Voz e Violão (Universal)

João Gilberto is a legend, a pioneer of the musical genre of Bossa Nova starting in the late 1950s. He recorded this album with producer and eminence Caetano Veloso, released in 2000. What I love about this album is how simple it feels, but how deep it goes. João was so connected to his emotions, that without any obstacle, he and Caetano recorded it in the purest way. No effects, just his warm intimate voice and guitar, pure feeling. How can something so simple, elevate the soul so high?


It brings out emotions you forgot you had when life gets difficult. It awakens your passion for the present moment, for the little details in life, and for a longing in soul loving. João was an incredible story teller. He went really deep in his soul, and opened the path to bliss with his sound and music. There are so many great things to highlight about this album, the essence is the production and the production is the essence. Raw and beautiful. 

I learned about Bossa Nova when I was very young. I started performing Jazz shows with my father around 14 and one day, someone asked if he knew of a singer that could perform in Portuguese. I did not speak it at all, but he did not bother, and said “Yes, my daughter, she is the best at it” and he pushed me to learn like 20 songs for a show that was happening in a week. I learned about João when learning these songs and completely fell in love with his voice and spirit. This event brought me to the top of my anxiety, but it was definitely one of the best decisions ever. If this wouldn’t have happened, I would not understand the richness and the treasures of Brasil. I know you will enjoy this masterpiece!

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