When I was asked to write about my favorite album I was hesitant. I knew the choice should be something obscure but not too obviously unknown. And, it also had to be something that would make ME look good and help my career. Like, I could choose an album I love and listened to a lot when I was growing up….but, maybe the people in that band are old or dead…so they probably wouldn’t ask me to tour with them or sing on their next album or anything. Yeah, I should probably choose an album from a band that’s alive. It also might be best to rule out an album by a band of all men. I mean, that’s boring, right? And they probably have a history of statutory rape. Now, If I’m going to choose a female’s album it might be a good idea to choose a Black woman. That would make people go, “Whoah. What?!” and simultaneously make them think my head’s in the right place. But, maybe that’s not the right way to think about it. Maybe I’m being too intellectual about it. In fact, I should get out of my brain completely. I should be authentic and choose from the gut.

Ok. This is probably so cool because it’s uncool but my favorite album is…the same album and artist everyone else loves and always chooses. I mean, how can I not choose that? It’s the soundtrack of my life. I used to hide out in my room and listen to it on repeat. I lost my virginity to that record. WHEN I HEARD TRACK 7 that’s when I knew I wanted to be a singer. In fact, this record FORMED me. I learned how to sing by practicing to it. I used to just stare at the cover, endlessly, and wish I could live in it. You know, I feel really good about this choice. I’m so excited that, if I’m lucky, someone might google this album’s title and then my name will come up too and I will forever be associated with it. And now you know I’m just like you. Other bands will read this and know I’m just like them and we can play shows together (when the pandemic’s over of course!) and play on each other’s records. We’ll probably be a friend group and start a whole new music scene. Yes, I made the right choice.

Kristeen Young’s “American Landfill” featuring David Bowie is out now.

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