Faith No More

Angel Dust (Slash/Reprise)

First off, I should start by saying I for sure stand alone with my decision to cite this as my all-time favorite album, especially coming from Fartbarf as a whole. Our musical taste between the three of us is more diverse than most bands, which we’re fully aware of and embrace. And almost always turns into our tours having a steady playlist of Michael McDonald, Hot Chip and Black Flag in the van.

With that being said, when Faith No More released Angel Dust, it completely changed my outlook on music, genre smashing, and what was acceptable to do as an artist and a band. I was just learning how to play guitar and found that metal bands took themselves far too serious. Punk was too boring and formulaic at that time, just mimicking what was done 20 years prior. Rock was all about a poser lifestyle of debauchery, and Pop just sucked as it always has. Angel Dust however was the biggest breath of fresh air to me as a kid who was searching for their identity and looking for a musical role model. This album and this band was just that. It dabbled into what would eventually become what I would strive for in both song writing and as an artist from that point forward.

Whether I knew it or not, it for sure seeped into my DNA as an artist for it to be okay to have humility and have fun doing it, all while creating compelling music. To learn the balance of what to take seriously, and what rules to ignore. Who cares if no one likes it or it doesn’t fit into a certain genre? Does it even matter? This album made me realize that my favorite songs weren’t the ones written with formulas meant for success. And the job of a vocalist didn’t have to be about simple melodies with lyrics that were relatable, or even discernable. You mean you’re allowed to use your voice as just another instrument to blend into the mix? I had no idea. And up until this point, I had never heard anything like it. It’s been a permanent fixture of influence for me.

The album as a whole was just musically challenging enough to keep me listening to this day nearly 30 years later. Matt Wallace’s production doesn’t sound dated at all and somehow he captured a unicorn that continues to be magical. To name it as my sole favorite album of all time may be a stretch, but it for sure has all of my favorite things bundled up into a single package.

Fartbarf plays with TV Heads and Tijuana Knife Fight at 8 p.m. on Saturday, December 28 at Alex’s Bar.


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