The Death of Adam (Decon)
My favorite album comes in two because it was extremely difficult for me to narrow it down. I would have to say my favorite album is either The Death Of Adam by 88-Keys or Baduizm by Eryka Badu.
These are literally the only albums I will never and have never listened to on shuffle or ever skipped a song from. Literally every song is my favorite so much so that I’ve grown to challenge myself to make an album of my own where even I don’t skip anything.
The Death of Adam is extremely well composed to me. Its loosely based on the death of “man” — it’s a hip-hop variation of Adam and Eve but it’s literally like a Spike Lee film on CD. I’m sure 88-Keys can give you a way better description of its artistic integrity, and the Adam’s Case Files mixtape that serves as a precursor is literally full of gems. There’s an OG Kid Cudi song on there called “Wasting My Minutes” that is easily his greatest track ever to me.
Baduizm is literally the greatest neo-soul album on the planet to me. It’s the immediate go to when I want to ride around and feel music. Four Leaf Clover, On & On, Questlove and many other notable greats have mad contribution and production. It’s extremely immersive and inspiring. I’ve always wanted to make a hip-hop/rap equivalent of Baduizm with the same level of quality and diversity. I love Eryka Badu — she is everything, multiplied by 1,000 (lol).
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