“My Favorite Album” is a weekly column in which we ask a musician exactly what the title suggests — to name their favorite album of all time. This week, it's Amy Taylor, singer with Australian punks Amyl & the Sniffers.

I really like a lot of different music so it’s hard to pick a favorite album. I’ve been listening to a lot of Minor Threat again and some Australian artists like NASHO and C.O.F.F.I.N., as well as Surfbort and Warthog from NYC. I don’t know, there’s so much good music, it makes my ears want to pop off my face.

Credit: Rough Trade

Credit: Rough Trade

Right now, in this moment, I’m really into the self-titled Sleaford Mods EP, which came out last year. I think they’ve got mad lyrics. “I don’t own a bar, I can’t punch nothing and sometimes I just wanna bang someone out” is the most relatable sentence I’ve heard in ages. I also really like the laptop player in Sleaford Mods. I never really get off at festival gigs, but when I saw them for the first time in Europe last year I was fist-smashing the air the whole time. I just think they’re great. I think Jason [Williamson] is a great lyricist and I like the way their lyrics are a reflection on whatever’s going on around them (that’s my perception of it, anyway) and their beats/unce unce shit is so good. It always makes me bop up and down like an angry kid watching The Wiggles.

The first song, “Stick in a Five and Go,” is tough and boppy. I’m not 100 percent sure but I think it’s a response to dickheads online, which is sick because there are so many keyboard warriors out there who are all bark and no bite — it makes me laugh. Anyway, that’s how I took it and I love it! It’s funny, cheeky and tough, and all the good things.

Amyl & the Sniffers play with Richard Rose at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23, at the Bootleg Theater.

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