Being the queen of YouTube cooking shows means presiding over a fuzzy and often unfunny wasteland. But Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen is the real deal, meaning of course that, if we ran the Food Network, Hart would be hosting every program: cocking eyebrows over a smudged champagne flute and stumbling around her kitchen in an attempt to ring some sort of shortcut-heavy meal out of a drunken stupor. “It's summertime, guys,” she says, preparing to make ice cream. “The time of moisture and defeat.”

In addition to hosting the show that launched a half-million YouTube views and thousands of embarrassing comments (marry me, have babies with me, and so forth), Hart, a Berkeley grad who currently calls New York City home, has unveiled “Advice from the Hart.” On this new “show,” Hart presents a flurry of viewer questions. Not infrequently they relate to food and drink. Sort of. She also answers them. Sort of.

For example, if your house were burning down, one fan asks, and you could save wine or cheese, which would you save? “Just leave them outside,” Hart suggests. “That way, in the unlikely event your house catches fire, you can immediately get drunk and have cheese.” It goes on. What is the best kitchen utensil to use in the event of a zombie apocalypse? She dodges the question and recommends surrounding yourself with slower people. If you were made out of bacon, which part of your body would you eat first? “My eyebrows,” she says. “Can't eat a wink.”

LA Weekly