Sam Lanni, the owner of Safari Sams in Hollywood, has decided to let musicians see shows in his club for free. Here's an excerpt from the SS website:

And so to the policy change i opened with. It is painfully obvious that musicians in Los Angeles need to get out and see more music and more importantly, more types of music. As much as I love indie music and punk music, do we really need more of those bands? So I want to start to transpollinate music by giving musicians free entry into the club during most nights. By November 15th we will be giving out The Safari Sams Band Pass, good for 6 months and good for the artist and a guest to come in as long as its not a sold out show. So you guitar players, drummers, vocalists, violinist and other musicians don't be afraid to hear other music and i will give it to you for free and please go see Slim Cessna's Auto Club and save your soul from the daily chores of our lives.


It's a smart move – the musicians I know rarely, if ever, have enough money to pay for anything except alcohol and cigarettes. So all you need to do is get them in the door, then direct them toward the bar, and voila – everyone is happy. Also, once word spreads that SS's is a haven for struggling lanky musicians with skinny jeans and sensitive eyes, the club is likely to attract more actual paying customers, especially aspiring groupies. Really, I love this plan – everyone wins.

Now all I need to do is learn an instrument – Sam, does the recorder count?

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