Musical Artist J.T. Hiskey Is Close To Becoming A Registered Nurse

J.T. Hiskey has officially announced, that he is only two semesters away from becoming an official registered nurse. The Salt Lake City, Utah rapper, who recently just released his newest single with 90’s artist Afroman titled Beverly Hillz, has taken most of his time during 2022 to focus on nursing school and pursue a new journey.

J.T. Hiskey has made it clear before, that he has not given up on music, but becoming a registered nurse is a new chapter in his life. After he becomes a registered nurse (which looks to be happening very soon), he will be back on his music grind with releasing constant brand new songs, as well as touring to play live shows for his supporters and loved ones.

This is an important deal for J.T. Hiskey and his fan-base, because it shows that you don’t need to have only one passion in life to be happy. “Nurses are heroes. Nurses are constantly saving and helping lives, and putting themselves on the front end of situations, every single day. I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I have always wanted to give back and help the ones in need.” Hiskey told us.

With 2023 approaching, it will be exciting to see what comes next for J.T. Hiskey after he becomes a registered nurse after graduating nursing school.

“I cancelled most of all my shows this year to focus and pursue this. It is not that I quit music at all. This is just something that I have considered to do for the longest time now, and it is about time I pursue it. Anything is possible in life if you put your mind to it. Literally anything. Never give up and keep catching your dreams.”

Right now, in the United States alone, there is a dire need for nurses in the health care field. The average nurse only stays with their job for a year, before resigning. This has happened much more frequently ever since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once I become a registered nurse, I do not plan on resigning from the job position at all. It is something I see myself doing the rest of my entire life, alongside, staying in the music industry I just want to help people and save lives.” Hiskey continued to tell us.

J.T. Hiskey began his nursing journey at the start of January 2022. Shortly after, in February, he was traveling and doing live shows. It wasn’t until a month later, he realized that doing both nursing school and music, is hard to do at the same time. With now, only two semesters left of nursing school to go, J.T. is excited to get back on track with doing both again, but this time he will be a licensed registered nurse, after he takes the NCLEX exam and passes.

Congrats J.T. and we look forward to hearing new music in the near future. Go check out his newest single “Beverly Hillz’ featuring Afroman, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

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