Kenny G. For those of you far too young and hip to know who he is, do a quick Google Image search. Here, we'll give you a minute.




Yep, that's him. Long ringlets, strong jaw, piercing eyes…clarinet soprano saxophone perpetually poking out from the side of his mouth. Hot, right?


But the sounds that come out of that oral horn, that's what gets the panties to drop.

A study recently showed that music played a significant role in the attractiveness process.

Men appeared less hot when they admitted they listen to classical or heavy metal music, while women became less fuckable when they revealed their appreciation for country music. However, loving classical music bumped them up on the hotness scale.

Sure, no one wants to admit they like lame music. But when it's on and neither party jumps up to shut it off, there's a mutual nonverbal understanding that the song should remain.

So when a colleague from revealed he took a serious one for the team with a past girlfriend all in the name of hot monkey sex, it reminded us that we're all affected by sound in different ways – whether we like it or not.

So how did Kenny G get him laid – and apparently forging into realms previously un-poked? Listen to the latest Freddy and Eddy podcast for the full story.

You'll also get some stellar song recommendations for getting in the mood, and some tips for how NOT to let Pandora ruin your romp.

Listen to the latest podcast HERE!

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