The music world is full of oddball characters — deviants, miscreants and all manner of wonderful freaks. But there’s nobody out there quite like Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman. The dark jester of post-punk always gives the impression that he’s half-crazed — wide-eyed and ever-ready to utter a bellowing laugh, and with wild fire dancing behind his eyes, you never quite know what to expect. But he’s also razor sharp. A keen supporter of sustainability, Coleman has invested in ecovillage builds in Chile and the South Pacific. Meanwhile, outside of Killing Joke, he’s composed numerous orchestral pieces. But the Joke is still a tremendous live band, and the 2015 album Pylon was a typical headfuck. Let’s hope for more soon.

Killing Joke plays with The Pink Slips at 9 p.m. on Thursday, May 23 at The Roxy.

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