Dutch metal band Within Temptation, led by vocalist Sharon den Adel and her husband, guitarist Robert Westerholt, have been knocking around since 1996 but it was the early 2000s with albums Mother Earth and The Silent Force that really saw them take off. Back then they often were compared to Evanescence and Nightwish because, you know, sexism (metal band with female singer). But these guys have a sound more reminiscent of film scores — they once claimed to have been heavily influenced by the Braveheart soundtrack. Westerholt still records with the band but he's retired from touring so that he can take care of the couple's kids. But this year's new Resist album proves that they're still putting out awesome material. In Flames also play.

Within Temptation play with In Flames  on Tuesday, March 19  (doors open 6 p.m.), at the Wiltern.

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