Featuring original members Ron Emory (guitar), Mike Roche (bass) and Jack Grisham (vocals), T.S.O.L. continue with their unique combination of savage intensity and fulsome power leavened with morbid humor, which stands out even more in an era when so much punk rock is now fangless. In a 2018 feature, Grisham told us that, “I would be a fucking excellent anarchist or storefront preacher. However, I don’t think any man should be in charge of any other man. The trouble is, you can’t really step away from ingrained values.” Grisham kinda gets his wish every night, preaching to his gathered and ever-loyal congregation. Egrets on Ergot, Slaughterhouse, Hamapple and JFA also play this early afternoon show.

TSOL plays with Egrets on Ergot, Slaughterhouse, Hamapple and JFA at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 28 at Alex’s Bar

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