An intimate, free show from infamous skankers The Slackers at this bar/diner in Santa Ana? Count us in! The Slackers formed in New York in ’91, but such is the popularity of their brand of ska-punk in these parts, perhaps particularly in Orange County, they’ve always had a rabid fanbase here. We’re due some new material, mind. The self-titled 14th (by our count) studio album came out in 2016 and, while the live shows are always riotous affairs, their fresh work rarely disappoints. Frontman Vic Ruggiero has a number of other projects on the go, and that’s always great too, but it’s time for more Slackers. In the meantime, have a meal and watch them in Santa Ana.

The Slackers plays at 9 p.m. on Monday, June 24 at La Santa.

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