Kudos, whoever is responsible for putting this tour together (the same show also hits Alex's Bar in Long Beach the following night). As if the presence of hopelessly melodic Seattle punkers The Briefs weren't enough, we also get local horror-surf punks The Flytraps, hard-hitting Latin punks Generacion Suicida and snotty punks The Stitches. They all have “punk” in common, clearly. But this is a multicultural, diverse bill that highlights all that's great about the wider genre. People from all walks of life are welcome, and you don't have to conform to a uniform sound (indeed, you shouldn't). You just have to mean what you say, and give it your all. All four of these bands do exactly that. Should be a killer night.

The Briefs play at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12 at the Bootleg Theater.

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