“We will have to save ourselves with physical and mental health,” Devin Davis confides on “Hoax,” from Ramonda Hammer’s debut full-length album, I Never Wanted Company (New Professor Music). “We’re ascending way too slow, plagiarizing hymns and troves, a growth hoax.” The local quartet have previously demonstrated their power on past singles and EPs, with lead guitarist Justin Geter, bassist Andy Hengl and drummer Mark Edwards slamming through Davis’ restless reveries and ruminations with an unrelenting grunge heaviness. On the new record, relatively gentle interludes like “Fake Thoughts” are soon swept away by the compulsive punk-grunge intensity of “Who’s the Narcissist?” and “Future Discounted.” “Relativity” is another temporary break from the storm that reveals the melodicism lurking just beneath those savage power chords and dynamic shifts of volume. Ramonda Hammer headline a free set with Broken Baby and Kevin.

The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park; Tues., Sept. 3, 8:30 p.m.; free; ages 18 & over. (213) 413-8200, www.spacelandpresents.com/event/1877864-ramonda-hammer-free-show-los-angeles.

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