If there were ever a point at which the paths of Bruce Willis and the avant-garde might intersect, it’s at tonight’s live action by legendary Austrian improviser and bass harmonicist Radu Malfatti. Malfatti has two nights scheduled — co-presented by Black Editions, Last Visible Dog and The Unwrinkled Ear — both nights, naturally, existing as entirely different propositions. Night the first: Malfatti on solo bass harmonica, along with tenor sax soloist Patrick Shiroishi performing Malfatti’s composition “benkyou.” Night the second: Malfatti improvising as a trio with Laura Steenberge and Ang Wilson, and the premiere of Erika Bell “gyrations: cool, red, grey.” All under the watchful eye of the man who drank coffee with Luigi Nono, broke the free improv mold with Derek Bailey and Peter Kowald, and, in the great spirit of the avant-garde, admits that he “read a lot; forgot everything.”

Radu Malfatti plays on Friday, November 29 and Saturday, November 3o at the Edgar Gallery.

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