Miami metalcore outfit Poison the Well has been around, off and on, for about 23 years. Their commercial peak, if such a band achieves such a thing, was reached in 2003 when the You Come Before You album was put out on Atlantic Records. By 2007’s Versions, they were back on an indie label (Jersey’s Ferret) and the most recent full-lengther is 2009’s The Tropic Rot. All excellent albums by the way. But that preceded a hiatus, starting in 2010, with the various members working with bands such as Senses Fail and Sleigh Bells. Since 2015, Poison the Well has performed sporadically, so every chance to see them is worth grabbing. At the El Rey, they’ll perform the Opposite of December album in its entirety.

Poison the Well plays with Cult Leader and In the Whale at 9 p.m. on Saturday, January 18 at the El Rey.


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