The official story is that this band came from Planet Peelander to spread smiles onto everyone’s faces. Arguably more realistically, but way less fun, is the theory that Peelander-Z came from Japan, via New York, and based themselves in Austin. Regardless, all of them are named after colors. The leader is Yellow (aka Kengo Hioki), an excitable dude who swears he’s an alien and to be fair kinda looks like one with his oddball beard-to-side-mohawk mane. The band is completed by Pink, Purple, Green and Black. Blue and Red were previously in the band but left. It’s all a clusterfuck of punk rock rainbow fun, but don’t sweat it. Just show up and enjoy it. Teenage Werewolves, Max Cady, and The Dookies also play.

Peelander Z play with Teenage Werewolves, Max Cady and The Dookies at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 26 at the Viper Room.

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