Sometimes people beat their heads against a wall because it feels so good when they stop. Keeping this ideal in mind, you get only the finest skull-fracturing beats with noisy Canadian techno duo Orphx. Taking passive-aggressiveness and turning it into aggressive-aggressiveness with their signature blend of uncomfortable sounds and uncompromising intensity, Orphx are currently enjoying a post-release high from their Light Bringer split with JK Flesh on Hospital Records, and so will you when they play selections from that particular opus. Also live and in full effect: local Hungarian beat-manglers Alexandra Atnif — whose latest album, Seekers of the Void, is out now on Crunch Pod — and Andorkappen, the electronics-and-percussion maestro who’s just coming down from being ousted from his longtime Los Angeles performance venue F-Space, so have a heart and give that man a great big hand. Rhythmically, though. Rhythmically.

Orphyx plays at a secret location to be confirmed, on Saturday, August 17. Go to for more info.

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