Norwegian madman Mortiis spent much of the 2000s, after leaving black-metal pioneers Emperor, trying to convince the world that he was a real troll. Or at least, that he lived his life as one. His prosthetic nose and ears was always, if nothing else, fucking hilarious. To be fair, though, the music world needs characters like Mortiis, and when online trolls endeavor to make people miserable, it's great to have a troll who makes an effort to make people smile. His music has skirted the lines between metal, Renaissance music and electronica/industrial, which makes for a fascinating sonic soup. Live dates in this neck of the woods are rare, so catch his while you can. Just don't, you know, walk over a bridge if he's under it.

Mortiis plays at 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 7, at Das Bunker at the Lodge Room.

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