New Orleans fusion ensemble Tank & the Bangas released their second album, Green Balloon, in 2019 and this May saw the release of a brand new single. “For Andre” was put out to celebrate Andre 3000’s birthday, which is quite the gesture.

Of the band’s style and sound, singer Tank told this writer that, “I just don’t put it into genre, because you know what? It does its thing. I think it’s dynamic and big. It can be folk and melodic––folky, rock, hip-hop. It literally goes through all those phases. It’s like me, like a person. You’re not the same person you were when you were 12. You grow, you change––that’s exactly what the music does. It has a spirit of its own, because we’re all contributing to it. So I just think it’s pretty dynamic and beautiful. And big.”

Hear her discuss all that and more during this week’s streamed chat.

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