If you happen to be in Georgia, Atlanta on Friday, then perhaps you can attend this drive-in show. If not, the Indigo Girls are kindly livestreaming it for everyone’s convenience.

Last month, they released a new song called “Long Ride” — their take on the COVID crisis. It seems to have been removed from Youtube though, which is a bit of a shame as it’s Amy Ray and Emily Saliers’ first co-write in nearly 20 years. Oh well, it’s coming to other streaming services in October.

 “When I first started speaking it was to me, kind of telling myself, like, hang on — this is gonna take a long time to get through this,” Ray told NPR. “But I was also talking to, like, my friends and my family and just everybody I know that was trying to give up. People that I know that were alone in an apartment for three months in New York City, things like that.”
“It’s very hard to judge what anybody is going through right now, or how they’re reacting to it,” Saliers added.” So I liked the sort of camaraderie of [saying], ‘It’s gonna be a long ride, I know.’ And then we kind of shifted the perspective to asking the question, ‘Have you been a witness to this yet? If you haven’t, here’s what’s going on.'”
Tune in at 5 p.m. PT on Friday, October 23, here

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