Portland bluegrassy rockers Fruition are doing their “Thursday Thing” this week. They love to busk, get out on the streets and among the people, but they also know that the present situation requires different thinking. So these virtual shows are the best available alternative.

It’s been a year since they put out the Broken at the Break of Day album. “This process was the quickest the band had ever written and recorded the songs,” drummer Tyler Thompson said of it in a press release. “All the songs obviously fit either a ‘day’ or ‘night’ theme, but the whole rehearsing and recording process had to be done in about half the amount of time we were used to. That time limitation leant to us not overthinking things, playing instinctually—and all live—in the studio with very minimal overdubs. All the songs are very different, but I think the speedy process naturally created some sonic congruency.”

Find out for yourself and check out the livestream.

Tune in at 4 p.m. on Thursday, January 14 via Facebook

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