With such song titles as “May Failure Be Your Noose” and “Butcher of the World,” Kristin Hayter’s new album as Lingua Ignota, Caligula, is anything but a cheery and escapist pop album. The Del Mar native is at the center of a furious storm of noise on “If the Poison Won’t Take You, My Dogs Will,” but she also crafts a disturbing, strange sound amid the funereal organ strains of “Days of Tears and Mourning” (which is soon crushed under an avalanche of distortion) and the muted, melancholic passages of “Sorrow! Sorrow! Sorrow!” Elements of atmospheric new music collide with jagged thrusts of volume and chaos, interspersed with dark, piano-laden interludes lit up by Hayter’s somberly moving vocals. Expect plenty of sound and fury as Hayter constructs her own poetically chilling chamber of real-life horror. With Ioanna Gika.

Zebulon, 2478 Fletcher Drive, L.A.; Mon., Nov. 25, 8 p.m.; $15; ages 21 & over. (323) 663-6927, zebulon.la/events.

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