Sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz move beyond their folk-pop roots into a lusher, more grandiose pop sound on their latest album, Canterbury Girls. Such tunes as “Supernatural Sadness” and “Pachinko Song” smooth out 

their close harmonies with glossy production and a dance-pop backing. But Lily & Madeleine are more compelling on austere, stripped-down ballads such as “Bruises,” where the focus is more on their lyrics and unadorned vocals. The album's title track is a similarly moving and intimate exchange of hushed voices and acoustic-guitar plucking. Vera Sola stirs up a mysterious and timeless series of feverishly haunted balladry and dream-pop evocations on her recent album, Shades. The muted guitars of “The Cage” create a lurking, impending sense of restrained tension, while “Black Rhino Enterprises” is a solemn, star-flecked incantation.

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