For much of the past decade, Haunted Summer have stirred up entrancing songs that are more like meditative incantations than simple pop tunes. Bridgette Moody possesses a lulling voice that’s draped across variously dreamy settings crafted by musical partner John Seasons on such recordings as the Something in the Water EP and the full-length album, Spirit Guides. Even tracks with such relatively dark titles as “Sour Grapes” and “Killing Me” are illuminated by Moody’s confessional vocal delivery and suffused with the warm glow of Seasons’ instrumentation. The Highland Park duo crank up the volume on “Every Step,” a surging rock anthem that’s veiled in a shoegazer fuzziness. Such driving songs alternate with the more majestically reflective “Golden” and the string-laden “Pool of Tears.” The bill also includes the atmospheric electronica of Long Beach’s Breatherrr, plus Very Crush and Koibito.

Alex's Bar, 2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach; Thurs., May 2, 9 p.m.; $5. (562) 434-8292,

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