Our own Falling James named Egrets on Ergot “Best Punk Band” in last year's Best of L.A. Music issue, highlighting their “sense of overriding dread and urgent intensity,” and he knows what he's talking about. If you're a regular attendee at punk shows in and around Los Angeles, you've likely already seen this band, among the hardest-working in the city, as they feature in a lot of bills. It's the gloriously uncomfortable dual vocals that will get ya — Atom and Crow Jane co-snarling through a post-apocalyptic, post-punk dream. This show is a fundraiser for the vitally important Transgress Fest (focusing on trans/gender-nonconforming bands), so there are plenty of reasons to be there.

Egrets on Ergot plays the fundraiser for Transgress Fest with The Tissues, Trap Girl and Sector 7G, and there's a lip-sync set from Jeff & the Jerks, on Saturday, March 23, at the Smell.

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