When sibling trio Michael (guitarist), Peter (drummer) and Margo Timmins (vocalist) joined with bassist Alan Anton to form Cowboy Junkies in Toronto in 1985, they stood out from most groups of the era. In a time when hair metal and hardcore bands were blustering and raging, and pop acts were largely peppy and dance-oriented, the Canadian folk-country group deliberately slowed things down and lowered the volume to let their songs and covers breathe in tranquil, lulling spaces. Since then, many musicians have rediscovered the joys of such subtle, intimate sounds, but Cowboy Junkies remain unique in their approach. Their latest record, All That Reckoning, is a somber, serious set of songs that alternates between glacial balladry (“Wooden Stairs”) and harder, more bluesy tracks (“Missing Children”).

The Fonda Theatre, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Sun., May 19, 8 p.m.; $55. (323) 464-0808, www.fondatheatre.com.

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