“I can't pretend to know anything because I'm just an idiot like the rest of you,” Clementine Creevy writes about Cherry Glazerr's new album, Stuffed and Ready. “So it's about me coming to terms with some of my major problems and trying to look them in the face.” The 22-year-old singer-guitarist turns her insecurities into a fascinating series of punk-grunge anthems for these chaotic times. On the surging “That's Not My Real Life,” Creevy sees herself as “your naked tree” rooted unwillingly to the Earth. “I can sit in misery like a proper woman easier to see,” she sings enigmatically. “The suits, they don't want me to go/They just want me to bear it all for all the women.” The L.A. trio alternate between the hazy hard rock of “Ohio” and more melodic indie-pop asides such as “Distressor” and “Stupid Fish.” Also Tuesday, March 12.

The Troubadour, 9081 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood; Mon.-Tue., March 11-12, 7 p.m.; $20. (310) 276-6168, troubadour.com.

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