“All my old ways have started kickin’ in, and my bad days are comin’ round again/Left here in American darkness,” Chelsea Wolfe discloses somberly on her latest album, Birth of Violence. Despite the record’s title, Birth is relatively restrained, more folkie than metallic, compared to the wraithlike singer’s earlier albums. The Sacramento native describes herself as an “oracle of your secrets” as she sifts through romantic but funereal passages. The album’s title track might not be violent — at least musically — but Wolfe’s tremulous entreaties soar over a landscape of desolate longing and loss. “Deranged for Rock & Roll” also belies its title, as it’s no typical rock party anthem. Instead, the slow, doom-ridden acoustic ballad is layered with momentous sound effects, twisted guitars and Wolfe’s sullenly passionate vocal imprecations.

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