Channel 3's classic early-'80s blasts of anger “I've Got a Gun” and especially “Manzanar” — a furious broadside about the internment of Japanese-American citizens — still raise literal chills today. But the Cerritos quartet led by singer-guitarist Mike Magrann and guitarist Kimm Gardener have never stopped playing and evolving, and their new EP, The Bellwether, embodies several of their styles. The slam-bang “What You Need” evokes CH3's hardcore-punk roots, but the EP's title track and a thoroughly unexpected but satisfying cover of The Plimsouls' “How Long Will It Take” demonstrate Magrann and Gardener's fondness for catchy power-pop hooks. At this free matinee, Gardener's son Max celebrates the release of his new album, Children Melting Velvet, a contrastingly ethereal set of synth-pop reveries. Plus, The Capsouls and Jackie Mendez.

Alex's Bar, 2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach; Sun., April 21, 2-8 p.m.; free. (562) 434-8292, alexsbar.com.

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