“I could be a big movie star but just in my head/or I could just be a lonely slob/It's all just in my head,” Caitlin Dee once memorably sang as leader of local punk band Pipe Dreams. But the singer-guitarist's solo material reveals a much wider range, both musically and emotionally. “Pipe Dreams are fun and careless and exciting,” she tells the Weekly, “but … these [new] songs are coming from that uncertain place — after death but before the next life begins, when everything is still unknown and you can either be totally overwhelmed or you can just take the next step.” “Trouble” is saturated with thick layers of fuzz guitar that shroud Dee's vocals in a shoegazer hypnosis, while “Satellite” is a more jangling, indie-rock reverie filled with restless longing and yearning pop melodies.

Timewarp Records, 12204 Venice Blvd., West Los Angeles; Fri., April 5, 6 p.m.; free. (310) 636-8360.

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