This is a great week for gigs at the Greek, with this mega ’90s alt-rock fest the night after the Costello/Blondie show. With Our Lady Peace also on the bill, critics will point out that this lineup is made up of three bands that didn’t really date well. Separately, not very attractive, but put them together and you have a night of nostalgia for the 30-somethings. Bush have always been more fondly remembered here in the States than back in their home country of England, where they were kinda considered a Nirvana cash-in. Bit unfair — there are some fun tunes on their first two albums at least. Meanwhile, anyone alive in 1994 couldn’t avoid the Throwing Copper album. It all adds up to an enjoyable evening for a niche crowd.

Live, Bush and Our Lady Peace play at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6 at the Greek Theatre.


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