Chicago’s Beach Bunny is less a band and more the stage name of singer/songwriter Lili Trifilio. Sure, she’s flanked by Matt Henkels (guitar) and Jon Alvarado (drums), but Beach Bunny is her baby, a vehicle for her “sadgirl” alt-pop tunes. It’s a personal project too, as she writes about sexism in the music scene, her brother’s battle with cancer and general struggles. The songs are huge too — lo-fi indie gems that appear deceptively low-key at first before building and generally exploding into melodic awesomeness. Musical journal entries such as “Prom Queen” and “Boys” will shine at an intimate venue like El Cid.

Beach Bunny plays with Field Medic and Ariel View at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 at El Cid.

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