With the world burning around us, it’s left to Greta Thunberg and Bad Religion to say everything that needs to be said. Bad Religion celebrate their 40th year of existence next year, and yet there are no punk bands capable of molding songs out of current events in quite as effective a manner. That said, this year’s fantastic Age of Unreason album is their first in six years and, therefore, the first they’ve put out under the current administration. It’s a much-needed jolt, a shot to the arm, a call to arms. Songs such as “Chaos From Within,” “Do the Paranoid Style,” “End of History,” “What Tomorrow Brings/The Kids are Alt-Right” and the title track offer accurate commentaries of 2019 current affairs, and there is no better band to document that shit.

Bad Religion plays with The Lawrence Arms and Emily Davis & the Murder Police (Tuesday), and The Lawrence Arms and Greg Antista & the Lonely Streets (Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 8 and Wednesday, October, 9 at The Observatory.

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