The guys at Alex’s Bar have put together a dream punk rock four-band bill here. Opening up proceedings are late-’70s L.A. punks The Alley Cats, led by lifer Randy Stodola alongside new bassist Apryl Cady (who replaced the beloved Diane Chai), followed by The Neighborhood Brats, a band that formed in San Francisco in 2012 before relocating to this region. The top of the bill is irresistible. Former Bags leader Alice Bag seems to be enjoying a new lease of life of late; her recent material has been awesome, and she’s inspiring the youth all over again with her valuable, unrelenting activism. Headliners The Avengers are the cherry on this delicious cake. Still awesome live, Penelope Houston is one of the all-time great punk singers and songwriters. Her later career as a singer-songwriter is solid proof. Damn, this is a great bill.

The Avengers, Alice Bag, The Neighborhood Brats and the Alley Cats play at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10, at Alex's Bar.

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