Imagine West Coast Sound's surprise to find out, mere weeks ago, that a previously unheard-of local outfit called Music Go Music had been signed to Secretly Canadian with a full-length album, Expressions, promised for an October 6 release. Who were these mysterious ABBA-loving Eastsiders? Don't they look sorta familiar? And why hadn't we heard of them before?

Our concerns of reportage inadequacy quickly passed, however, upon reading the intentionally ambiguous press release, credited to someone called Kamer Maza:

“The members of Music Go Music met at a party in the home of a man who was, at that time, called 'The Condor.' Over the rager's din we made a connection. It was mild at first, but fermented for a couple of weeks until Torg invited me and Gala Bell over to make a song.”

The text smacked of local supergroup, so West Coast Sound went digging. Though Music Go Music only played its first show Wednesday night at Bordello, its members have performed around town aplenty. Singer Gala Bell and keyboardist Maza are, in fact, Bodies Of Water's Meredith and David Metcalf. The long-locked fellow is none other than Dan Horne of Mezzanine Owls, the drummer is Aaron Sperske (Beachwood Sparks, The Lilys), and the backup vocalists are Lily and Abigail of the ever-talented Chapin Sisters.

Music Go Music – “Warm In The Shadows” (MP3)

Take a second look:

All of which, of course, still leaves in question the identity of TORG, who appears above wearing a red gi. Maza–err, Metcalf recently told Under The Radar TORG “was in this band that was on Caroline Records in the '80s,” but beyond that, nothing is known.

Recognize him? Let us know.

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