We all want our fellow Angelenos to feel safe around the city. Sadly, some who already can’t afford a home in Los Angeles also find it difficult to feel secure — as homeless people in LA are prone to be victims of abuse and homicide. There have been several murders of LA homeless people and it needs to be discussed.

Homelessness in California

We’re no strangers to seeing homeless people in California. In fact, it’s the state with the highest number of homeless people in the country; statistics show that California has over 150,000 homeless people. Many factors contribute to this — such as drug addiction, mental illness, disabilities, unemployment, and California’s high cost of living.

Maltreatment and Murders of LA Homeless People

Abusing and murdering the unhoused is sadly a very common occurrence. When the pandemic plagued the Golden State, many of the unhoused were left vulnerable on the streets — this made them easier targets by gangs and people with a violent nature. Last 2022, it was reported that 24% of the homicide victims in Los Angeles were homeless.

This week, many saw the viral video of a man spraying down a homeless woman in San Francisco. But that’s not the worst fate that the homeless people in California (and in the rest of the country) are forced to “accept” as their potential reality.

Serial killer Ramon Escobar went on a killing spree back in 2018 to murder (mostly) the homeless in Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles — this was after he also killed his uncle and aunt in Houston. Escobar would live in homeless encampments to disguise himself. He would then carry out his attacks by using a baseball bat or a bolt cutter.

Recently, a 60-year-old homeless woman was murdered in the parking lot of a 99-cent Store. Also, just a little over a month ago, a homeless army veteran was stabbed to death outside Los Angeles City College — the suspect’s still at large.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if many more attacks and homicides are being carried out toward California’s homeless people. Not only are they already prone to illnesses and mental health problems, but they now also have to worry about their safety.


As Angelenos, we need to protect our neighbors — be it whether they have a nice home or they have none. Nobody deserves to sleep with one eye open — especially when these people already don’t have a roof above their heads. Those without a home struggle to find food, make money, get a job, and stay healthy. The last thing they have to worry about is if they have another day in store for them or if they’re going to get killed. The murders of LA homeless people are growing and it’s something we ought to be concerned about.

Important Note:

For those who can give leads to the unsolved murders of LA’s homeless people, authorities ask that you call them at 213-229-1700. If you’re scared that your identity may be revealed, you can contact LA Crime Stoppers instead at 800-222-8477 or on their website at lacrimestoppers.org.

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