TMZ has obtained video of murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen driving a Mercedes-Benz — not the one she was killed in — and police are taking a look. The video, however, was taken down Wednesday afternoon.

The video was shot by a private investigator hired to tape drivers coming and going outside the garage of Chasen's Westwood building. The investigator was hired as part of an unrelated legal dispute, according to the site.

The car Chasen is in appears to be a new Mercedes E-Class four-door sedan with paper plates. The car she was killed in early Nov. 16 on a Beverly Hills street was very similar: It's also a black, latest-model Mercedes E-Class, but that was in a two-door coupe.

Are we to make much of the mystery vehicle?

TMZ says it's not hers. Whether or not that means something for the fine detectives at the Beverly Hills Police Department is a matter of speculation.

LA Weekly