The murder rate in the city of Los Angeles continued to trend up in June, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. As of June 5, the number of homicides (134) was up 6.3 percent compared to roughly the same period last year (126). Other major crimes, however, continued to decrease, including rape (down 19.7 percent), robbery (down 9.4 percent) and aggravated assault (down 14.9 percent). Total violent crime was down 12 percent.

Although homicides have also been up in other major cities, most notably New York, the union representing Los Angeles police has used the uptick to argue that now is not the time to reduce the LAPD's budget and resources.

Although the City Council has vowed to maintain the number of officers on the streets, the Los Angeles Police Protective League argues that civilian staff reductions have resulted in more cops doing desk work.

LA Weekly