A preliminary autopsy of the two 1930s era mummified babies — found last week in the basement of a Westlake apartment building — has turned up no signs of trauma and no clues as to cause of death, The Times reports.

The apartment's owner discovered an old trunk containing the remains last week. There were two doctor bags inside the trunk with the skeletal remains wrapped in old Los Angeles Times newspapers dated 1933 and 1935. Investigators also found a ticket stub from the 1932 Olympic Games in the trunk.

The coroner and the LAPD will use DNA and other lab techniques to determine cause of death and possibly identify the remains.

Adding to the intrigue: The trunk is believed to have belonged to a Jean M. Barrie. A copy of “Peter Pan” was also in the trunk. The author of “Peter Pan”: James Matthew Barrie.

H/t: LA Observed.

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