Curbed L.A. has located a statue gifted a year ago to San Pedro from an Italian sister city, after there'd been some question as to its current whereabouts. The statue, bearing the oddly 1980s-sounding name, Multicultural Man (a more contemporary moniker might be Diversity Dude), is sitting in a Wilmington warehouse awaiting its November placement. MM, presented by the island city of Ischia, is very muscular and very nude, presenting San Pedrans with sculpture that is both politically and anatomically correct. (The figure is shown lifting some enormous global weight as doves circle around him.)

Photo: Daily Breeze

This faceless, five-foot bronze, one of a series created by Francesco Perilli, stirred some good old American controversy over having a statue of a nude man erected in public, but that seems to have died down, for the time being. Now the question seems to be, Where the heck along the Port of L.A. are they're gonna put Multiculti Man?

LA Weekly