At the time I took these, some genius had decided to splash black gunk all over one section of this cool piece painted on a wooden fence in Hollywood. Much of it had been removed though and it still looks good.

Also as many of Lurker's readers are no doubt aware, there is a large-scale crackdown going on against graffiti artists, and some of the cases against the writers are using YouTube clips as evidence. Therefore, unfortunately, we're not going to be using names anymore on Lurker — not real names, not writer names.

If we're talking about work that is appearing in galleries, we will still use the names, but no longer can we do it for street art, even if it's been commissioned by the owner of the property.

We just don't want to take the chance that something on this blog might actually be used against an artist in court.

As usual, more photos after the jump. All photos by Mark Mauer.

All photos by Mark Mauer.

Thank you for checking out this blog over the past year. I hope that Lurker will continue, and get better going forward, but there is a good chance that it will end shortly. The old email address may or not get checked, and neither will the LA Weekly address for Mark Mauer.


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