Imagine you are sitting in the woods of Humboldt County enjoying some of the finest cannabis the galaxy has to offer and then out of nowhere one of the most legendary pieces of glass art anyone has ever smoked out of gets put on the table.

That is precisely what happened last weekend. And not only did we get to see it, we got to hit it, too. 

The skull is a collaboration of Mr. Gray, Scott Deppe, Darby Holm and Ben David. It is considered by many to be the nicest piece of glass ever created for the sake of cannabis consumption. I consider myself among that crowd. Since 2014 when Scott Deppe first posted it to his Instagram, it has absolutely captivated hash and glass enthusiasts all over the world. 20230826 190051

It’s not just a looker, the Mothership Torus encased within the skull is an absolute ripper. I found out the hard way. This past weekend it was set up with a dual hookah hose attachment so two people could hit it at once. And back when it was first created, terp slurpers weren’t a thing yet. One might argue a decade later, the skull is in its final form as the masses are able to enjoy it with the best quartz tech to date. 

And man did that tech rip. Mr. Gray loaded up a glob of hash for me to smoke out of his most legendary creation. He asked me how big I wanted to go and I said medium. As the beads of sweat started to drop down my brow halfway through, I began to get the impression that he may in fact have gone a little chunkier than a medium. The next 15 minutes were a journey through time and space. 

At one point minutes after that fateful rip, I was just sitting there on the couch fried and this really nice lady came up and gave me this crazy crystal pendant and said thank you for coming up to Humboldt. I just remember trying to piece together a thank you as I sat there melting, and by the time I stood up five minutes later, I couldn’t even remember what that lady looked like. So if you’re that lady, thank you again!

Following my recovery, I stood with the crowd of folks who lined up around the skull to watch everyone rip it. It was fun to watch the expressions of people as they walked in and looked at the table mesmerized. As cool as the pictures are, it’s hard to capture the way the natural light kisses the glass — it is really something special, even on an overcast day like when we saw it. It was a really headie crowd in general. A lot of people knew exactly what they were looking at, even though it was the first time they had ever seen the skull in person. 

After they took it all in, they lined up to hit it. One person noted that by the time they arrived at the party at 6:30, it seemed the skull had laid a path of destruction through the crowd. The Mr. Gray-loaded dabs had people somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

While I was in no condition to ask him at the moment, as I headed back south from Humboldt on Sunday, I reached out to Mr. Gray to get his take on how iconic the skull continues to be all these years later. 

“To most people when they think of a glass pipe, they think of a bong they use or their first spoon, but I think of something more elaborate,” Mr Gray told L.A Weekly. “ Here in Humboldt, I have immersed myself in glass to the point of no return. 

Even with the full-on immersion in cannabis culture, Mr Gray emphasized this one holds a special place in my heart. 

“It’s a Holy Grail every time I serve someone a dab,” Mr. Gray said of the joy on people’s faces. “I believe it elevates their mind, body and spirit, and I hope it makes it slightly easier being in these human bodies.”

Jacob from Have Hash, one of the most award-winning hash companies globally over the last year, explained how we all ended up getting to hit the skull.

“I apprenticed for Mr. Gray in between farm work when I had just moved to Humboldt, so we’re buddies,” Jacob told L.A. Weekly, “He now works with my friend Zach who does One World Humboldt, a new heady gallery that holds the piece, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to bring it out so I asked em if they wanted to.”

It was awesome.


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