UPDATE: The previous download link (via SoundCloud) reached capacity, so we've added a new link after the jump.

On Friday, Downtown's Alpha Pup Records announced the pending release of Only Mountain, a new full-length by L.A. beat scene affiliate Take.

We know what you're thinking: With so much new music coming out of the Low End Theory crew (Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Free The Robots, et al.), how are you going to keep track of it all?

But Take makes it easy. His soundscapes are beat-driven, sure, but they've got a bit more to do with late-'90s electronic music like Boards of Canada and Squarepusher. Of course, the Dilla-esque dingy hip-hop rhythms are there, as are the modern bass hits and airhorn blasts — it's just that the crystalline synths and bloopy etherea take precedence.

Of course, you could infer your own conclusions by streaming or downloading the free MP3 after the jump (where you can also find Only Mountain's tracklisting). “Don't Look Now” is a West Coast Sound exclusive, so don't say we never gave you anything.

DOWNLOAD: Take – “Don't Look Now” [MP3]

Interested in hearing more? Alpha Pup gave out a non-exclusive track along with the news, which has been slowly percolating its way through the blogosphere. Download it over here.

The tracklist for Take's Only Mountain (Alpha Pup), due out April 20:

01. Before You Think

02. Neon Beams

03. Horizontal Figuration

04. Crystallia

05. Don't Look Now

06. Quartz for Amber

07. If We Don't All Go Insane

08. Begin End Begin

09. Incredibright

10. Creosote (feat. As Is)

11. Paper Garden

12. Implosions

13. Juniper

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