Oh this train is rollin' alright. Back in August, LA Weekly's Drew Tewksbury spent a hard-rock morning with L.A.'s Night Horse.

This is the band at 11 a.m. on a Saturday:

“[Guitarist Justin] Maranga… strokes his long, reddish beard once, straps on his guitar and rips into the strings. […] Singer Sam James Velde… shakes his hair and lifts one hand to the rafters while the other clutches the mic stand. […] They rip through the Allman Brothers-tinged dual guitar lines and growling bass… the rowdy, roadhouse blues.”

Simply put, Night Horse lives it.

Hollow Sunset Strip reiteration they are not. These boys make Southern-tinged, axe-grinding blooze-rock of the highest order, and their sophomore album, Perdition Hymns, is out August 3 on Tee Pee Records.

The album was recorded at Infrasonic Sound in Lincoln Heights, and produced by Matt Bayles, whose previous credits include heavy-hitters like Mastodon and ISIS.

Said Velde in a prepared statement: “Everyone was so focused and enthusiastic. The songs just came to us so quickly. We'd start with a riff, then POW it was on!”

Pow indeed. The West Coast Sound debut “Rollin' On” displays the Horse at its classic rock best. The track will appear on a forthcoming free EP — somewhat ironically titled Sympathy Ain't Free, available through the band's site come June 15 — as well as on the full-length.

DOWNLOAD: Night Horse – “Rollin' On” [MP3]

The track-listing for Perdition Hymns:

01. “Confess to Me”

02. “Angel Eyes”

03. “Rollin' On”

04. “Good Bye Gone”

05. “Black Clouds”

06. “Come Down Halo”

07. “Blizzard of Oblivion”

08. “Hard to Bear”

09. “Shake Your Blues”

10. “Choose Your Side”

11. “Same Old Blues”

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